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CBps manages everything Mike Davies and Billie Davies.

Cobra Basement Production Services provides a management platform for the careers of Mike Davies, Music Recording Technology and Sound, and Billie Davies, a female Avant Jazz and Avant Garde Drummer, artist and bohemian and her ensembles, serving their alternative and creative minds by providing a foundation for Production, Publishing, Marketing and Promotion of their artistic endeavors.

for Projects & Performances
in New Orleans, LA
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entire performance in Los Angeles
@ NOLA's on Video
Recipient of the 2013 23rd Annual
Los Angeles Music Awards

Released New CD "12 VOLT" ~ Available @ CDBaby | Reviews

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Mike Davies, Sound and TechnologyBillie Davies, Musician, Artist.
Billie Davies: 12 Volt
all about Love by The Billie Davies Trio
 Billie Davies Trio, "Cobra Basemento" album. Saul Kaye, Michael Godwin, Billie Davies  Billie Davies Trio, "Dreams" album. Saul Kaye, Michael Godwin, Lee Elfenbein, Billie Davies

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